• Investment Philosophy

       The first generation of semiconductor material of silicon lit up a "spark" on the development of the information industry. Furthermore, silicon chips also accomplished the “silicon valley`s" high-tech industrial groups and prompted the birth of Intel, the world`s semiconductor giant.
     Over the past half century, Moore's law has guided the development of the semiconductor industry. Moore's law was put forward in 1965, by Intel co-founder Gordon More. This law predicts that the numbers of transistors per unit area on the integrated circuit will double every two years, while the computational performance will be doubled also.
     Early 2016, an article on the world's most famous academic journal "nature" magazine published that the forthcoming international technology roadmap for semiconductors is no longer set on Moore's law as the target, the myth of chip industry around 50 years was finally broken. In July of the same year, the CEO (Krzanich Brian) of the global semiconductor giant Intel warned: Moore's law comes to an end.
     Meanwhile, the third generation of semiconductor technology can reduce 80% of a laptop adapter volume, can save 70% of lighting energy, can also lessen a substation or 5 g cellular base station to the size of a suitcase. In the future, the power devices or the RF device made by the third generation semiconductor material will be the development trend of energy saving technology nowadays. That is why, the third generation semiconductor was known as the "CPU" of power device, "core" of a green economy.
     From the Nobel Prize for physics about the distribution of semiconductor technology, the future will be the third generation of semiconductor which will be the direction of the effort of the industry. The third generation of semiconductor technology will have a huge impact on energy resources, energy conservation and emissions reduction, national defense security, new generation of information technology and human life and other aspects. The third generation of semiconductor is to resolve the breach of the low carbon, intelligent and green development. An Xin fund will devote 70% of their investment into compound semiconductor which including from material, equipment, process, manufacturing, design, modules, to the system the investment will cover the entire third generation of semiconductor industry chain. It will lead the strategic evolution of the next generation for integrated circuit technology.

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