2016-06-25 An Xin Industrial Investment Fund with the Target scale of 50 billion RMBs

       The Xin Hua news agency 25 of June. Reporter, Huang Pengfei
       Day of 25, An Xin industrial Investment Fund held a grand opening ceremony with a target scale of 50 billion RMBs. It aims at forge the integrated circuit industrial group to driving the transformation and upgrade of traditional manufacture industry.
       An Xin capital mainly will invest in III-V group compound integrated circuit industrial group and other important fields, it will be the key support for integrated circuit industry and high-technology industry. The fund will work together with all for an all chain`s integrated circuit industrial ecology covers with the design, the production, the closed beta test, the material, the equipment and the application.
       Till now, there are 46.8 billions promised fund, until the end of 2015 it has drived around 100 billion RMBs in the domestic society.
       The compound integrated circuit is a important development direction for the integrated circuit. It is wildly used in the telecommunication, the GPS system, the aerospace field.